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Monday, September 17, 2007

Livermore, CA

After we went to the CTMH Open House on Saturday we decided to take a drive thru downtown Livermore as we had heard about the tree that was smack dab in the middle of it & we wanted to see. Well I was so touched......this tree is covered with Yellow Ribbons as you can see. As you walk around all the light poles have banners hanging from them with the name of different service members along with the branch of service below their names. Our Local Paper doesn't put anything in about the accomplishments of Our Local Service Men & Women. This is Hayward, CA which calls itself the "Heart of the Bay".......... Does you town do something like this to honor our Service Members? If so can you please send me photo's & name of town/city with em by email so I can forward on to the Hayward City Council. I would greatly appreciate it.

As we roamed around we found a nice shop, "Country Morning", which had this fabulous print hanging on the wall. It's called "Liberty Awake" by Timothy Wistrom. The original painting is waiting to go into a Memorial Museum for 9/11. May have to save up for this one.

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