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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today is the Air Force's 60th Birthday & Diane & I are off to a celebration in San Jose. Will post photo's later.

Here are some of the photo's I took today....this event was held at the San Jose City Hall & there was a reception before the city council meeting. The City issued a Proclamation declaring today, September 18, 2007 as United Air Force Day. There were several WWII Air Force Vets in attendance as well as other Air Force of which was an Operation: MOM member, Tom Ballard who came with us. We also heard the story of John Buecheler, My Glide for Life, which he told to in the Spring of 2006. Mr. Buecheler died in December 2006 but will never be forgotten because of this wonderful organization. I strongly suggest that you check out this website to listen to these stories & also to see how you can help preserve this valuable history. Do you have a veteran in your family that you would like to be remembered forever?

Me & the Lt. Colonel's

This is the San Jose City Hall.

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Stephanie said...

Great photos, Debbi! Have fun today. :)