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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike is heard from again....

I let Mike know that he should be getting a package anytime as I had heard from someone that they were arriving in Balad & this is what he sent me tonite......


And the packages are arriving in Baghdad as well....WOW - they made it here quickly. Thanks so much for the Christmas box and the contents! I'm overwhelmed - serious. I really appreciate you and your organization - y'all are doing tremendous work.

I'm heading back to Fort xxxxx during the second week of FEB 08. By then, I'll be about two weeks shy of 15 months over here. They've told us to stop all incoming mail by JAN.

When I return, I'd like to assist y'all. My family and I are moving in June, but when we get settled, we'd like to hop into the card production line.

Again, thanks so much for all you have sent to me. I really am overwhelmed by your generosity.


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Army MP Mom said...

These letters make it all worthwhile!