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Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Happy Soldier!

This is what it is all about!!! I received this photo with email this morning after he received some cards I sent him. Next mailing will be Valentine's Cards on January 15, 2008 so will need to me about a week before please.

Dear Debbi,

Thank you very much for the cards that you sent. I appreciate the efforts of you and all that assist in making the cards - they are fantastic and my wife and daughter will really enjoy them.

I've attached a couple of pictures of me w/ the cards - please feel free to share them. Again, thanks for the cards. Its great to know that there are so many who remember us over here.

With Compliments,


jacki j. said...

Debbie, I have a young creative friend who is an RA at her dorm. She is doing a cardmaking project with the girls on her hall. I mentioned your effort and sent her a link to your blog. I just might have to get some cards together too...

Julie Koerber said...

That picture rocks! It is worth a thousand words! I am going to see what I can come up with for the project. Thanks for sharing!