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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well this has been an interesting week for sure. This past Wed. we had a busy day planned & it got even busier. It was to start out with Diane & I going to lunch & shopping at Jack London Square....a nice girls day out. About the time I was getting ready Steve came home from work with bad case of heartburn. He felt he would be ok but was supposed to meet us later in Oakland for a photo exhibit by a friend of ours....he would let us know. When Diane arrived she tried to get Steve to go to Dr. but he said he was fine....we took off.

Arrived at Jack London was a gorgeous day.

After we wandered around a bit we had a fabulous lunch at Kincaid's....complete with Margarita's of course. I had a Hot Crab Sandwich which was to die for & Diane had French Onion soup & Salad. We finished up with Key Lime Pie at the suggestion of our serverAfter lunch we did a little more sightseeing & shopping & decided to stop in to Cocina Poblana for a final Margarita before we needed to go to the photo gallery. The Restaurant was very nice tho not the best Margarita I've ever had.

After we finished up at JLS we headed up Broadway to the College of the Arts for the first gallery showing of Sean Donnelly's photo's. There was absolutely no parking so we had to park in the lot of a nearby shopping center & walk up the hill to the college. Steve met us there. Also attending were 2 members of East Bay Blue Star Mom's...Tami & Michelle. The show was great...we loved his work. After about an hour or so we need to leave as we still had to stop off in Fremont to pick up Sonja & then head to to San Jose Airport to welcome home the daughter of one of the South Bay Blue Star Mom's. We said our goodbye's to all and left.

We flew down the freeway...making a quick stop in Fremont to pick up Sonja & got back the freeway & headed for the staging area...a Chevron station near the airport. A nice group was there when we arrived...some of the usual attendees plus a new Motorcycle club from the area. They asked me to take their photo. Time came to head out...

Shortly after that last photo was taken Diane grabbed me & told me that Steve was first we thought he was having a sugar drop (he's diabetic) ....luckily we had 2 nurses in the group that took care of him til the EMT's arrived. After the EMT's did their thing they said he was most likely having a heart attack & needed to go to hospital. They started getting him ready for transport. When all this started happening the Patriot Guard moved the flag line to shield the view of Steve so that the soldier would not see him when she arrived.

When the SSgt arrived everything went off without a hitch....lots of hugs from Mom

Got a pix of her with Diane & gave her a Challenge coin before Diane & Sonja took me to the hospital.

More to follow....