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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fleet Week-Day 3

Total Exhaustion here I tell ya........but what a wonderful experience this has been. Steve & I spent the ENTIRE day at Pier 39 today. We met the most amazing people & shook so many hands of young men & women who are serving this wonderful country. So humble when you thank them........fabulous. We met several people who were visiting. John from NY....he told us about 9/11 from his experience. He saw that 2nd plane hit the tower & was there to help afterwards. He also went to MS after Katrina. A great person. A new Army Mom & Army Wive from Oakland plus a Navy Mom from Concord....hope to see them all again. We met a gentleman who was a POW in WWII....talked to him for quite awhile....he lives up by Sacramento & was here for the show. A lovely couple was here from England.....on the way to Hawaii....Fleet Week was a pleasant surprise for them. Many many more.....Hi to all who stop by to see my blog.

Here are my photo's from today......we will have more later as Steve took 4 rolls of films. YUP!!
Fleet Week_Day 3 (Debbi's Photo's)

Fleet Week-Day 3 (Diane's)
Fleet Week Day 3_Steve's pix

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Anonymous said...

The photos are great, Debbi! It sounds like a fantastic trip.