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Friday, October 05, 2007

Day 2.....Marines Memorial Club in SF

Diane, Bev & I spent the day at the Marines Memorial Club in SF. We had lunch up in the Leatherneck Steakhouse which is up on the 12th floor of the building with hopes to get a better view of the Blue Angels as we had heard they fly right by the windows. We didn't have that kind of luck but did get a pretty good cold or wind either. We also got to see that new Airbus which flew by on the way to film a commercial with the Golden Gate as a backdrop.

That evening we had the pleasure of attending the The 1st Marine Division Band Concert which was held in the Theatre there. They are great......please try to see them if you ever get the chance. Wonderful group of young men & women with lots of talent. After the concert we headed back up to the 12th floor to watch some of the fireworks & got the opportunity to meet some of the young men in the band. After a very long day we headed back across the bridge & home. More tomorrow.......

Pictures of DAY 2 are HERE!
Fleet Week 2007_Day2

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