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Friday, August 10, 2007


Hello there! We have come to the end of another week. Two days until "The Communicator" becomes totally 'legal'. Interesting part of it all is that I received an invitation from the hospital that he was born at for a reunion for all teh Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduates next month. WOW....where did the time go? (insert sniffles here) He is supposed to have finally taken a new photo so I will have it enlarged & then enlarge a premmie photo & make a sign up like in a parade to take with....that will show those new parents they do grow up & all will be well. Should be fun.

I spent all day with Diane yesterday & I finally got the Norton Anti-Virus out of her computer completely....I did the happy dance for sure. All is up & running wonderfully. Did some more lessons & she is being a great student.......takes notes & everything. LOL! Steve came out after work & we headed out for dance lessons. Definately lots of fun & a good workout. Gonna keep this up for sure. We got home about 10:30 or so last nite....a long day. This is Diane in first pix & Me in the second.

Today is catch up day & I have to play Betty Crocker too. We have a joint picnic tomorrow with Blue Star Mom's & we need to bring desserts. It's cupcakes for me. Will take lots of pictures to share. Have a great weekend everyone as I'm not sure how much I will be here.

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