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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Middle of the week update

Hi there......just got home from a Blue Star Mom meeting with Bev. Was a nice evening & met some very nice ladies again this month. Diane didn't go with us this time as she was off seeing Tim and Faith!! We will be having a joint picnic with Blue Star Mom's groups this Saturday....should be alot of fun.

"The Communicator" will be 21 in 4 days.....I sent him his card that I made but I still wanted to get a funny 21 card too. Went into Hallmark at the mall ....we checked out some of the musical ones but nothing hit me. I then headed back to the YEAR cards. Well as soon as I saw that 21 the tears started flowing. Salesgirl came up & asked if she could help me........I asked her if she could bring my son home while I was crying. Poor thing.....she won't be asking anyone if they need help for awhile. I want to say thanks to all who have sent him cards. I know he will appreciate it alot.

The girlfriend left today.......she was having problems with the classes & decided that maybe this was not the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)for her so she had herself reclassified & is now going off to become a mortician. From Network Communications to Mortuary.......??? Anyway, he was pretty bummed & she emailed me yesterday to say she was going to miss him. Maybe they will take some time to get to know each other better? NAH....he's already talking about a few new ones. I keep telling everyone........short attention span. Still not sure what is going on with him but he thinks they will be moving him to another company & he may end up being permanent party there.

Will be off tomorrow.....gotta go see if we can rid Diane's computer of Norton Anti-Virus again. Wonder how long I will be on the phone this time. Then tomorrow nite we are gonna start dance lessons. It's been over a year since we publicly humiliated ourselves so it's time. Will try to get photo's for ya'll to laugh at. Have a good Thursday!


Debbi said...

Hey Debbi,
Thanks for popping in on my blog the other day. I was just updating myself on your blog and saw the video "19". WOW!!!! I love it. I did borrow it to post on my blog. I hope you don't mind. Kind of makes me worried about my DD going into the Marines. I am so proud of her. I know you know how I feel. Thank you for raising an Army Son.

Debbi said...

Hey Debbi. Thanks for popping in on my blog. I borrowed your video "19" to post. Hope you don't mind. From a Marine mom to a Army mom......Thank YOU for raising one of our American Hero's.

VA Jon said...

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Mary said...

Wait a minute, I missed a day somewhere. I thought the son was wanting to marry this girlfriend. Where did I get lost?! I need to figure out how to get to older posts.
I feel your pain. My older daughter turns 21 this November and I'm still in denial.
Oh, I'll email you more later, but September is the new National Stamping Month and I plan to set aside a day to invite friends over to make a ton of cards for you.