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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You President Bush

Eight years ago I never would have thought I would be writing this post but I, like our country, have gone thru many changes during this time. Tho I may not have agreed with everything you did in the last 8 years I thank you for taking on the job at a very tough time in our nation's history. I felt safer in the past few years than I will in the next few. Good-bye President & Mrs. Bush....enjoy all that is yet to come for you both & your family. God Bless You & please continue to pray for us all.

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~DebS~ said...

I must admit. I was brought to tears watching President Bush and Laura Bush leave that day. No matter what you thought of the way he handled things, One thing that can be said of him as he sticks to his guns. He doesn't care about popularity and he did keep us safe as he promised. Laura was a wonderful first lady full of grace and goodness and Michelle has some big shoes to fill and it's doubtful she will.. Well size wise she's probably an 11 but...LOL. You will be missed George and Laura. I am so sorry you were so mistreated from day one by left wing mainstream media and the democrats in general. You didn't deserve it and history will remember you much differently than today I assure you. Hopefully the Media will now come out of their love trance with Obama and realize that he's just an experienced Senator and a product of the Chicago Machine who is a tad bit in over his head to say the least.