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Monday, September 01, 2008

Welcome Home Abraham!

Today we had the honor of welcoming home a young Soldier after his graduation from Basic Training. He joined the Army under the Split-Training Option so he will either finish his Senior Year of High School or pass the GED soon. After Graduation or getting his GED he will go on to AIT for his training. His MOS is Infantry. He was very happy to see the flag line when he came off the plane. Lots of hugs & handshakes after he was saluted by the Vets among us. There were 15 bikes & our pickup truck to escort his family to their home about 20 min away....we look pretty impressive going down the freeway with flags waving! The neighbors can hear the rumble of the pipes while we are still out a bit. We were all very impressed with this young man...please keep him in your prayers.

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