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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some News to share.....

Thought you all might like to know that some of the service members that we have been sending cards to over the past few months have returned home with a few to return soon. Some have given me the names of their replacements so that the hospitals will continue to receive cards for several months to come. The emails I have shared here show how important this seemingly simple project has been to our men & women serving overseas. I will be collecting cards at Original Rubber Stamp Convention in San Jose this weekend & hopefully will continue to get cards mailed to me by those who have been with us since the beginning & many new card makers. Also please remember that we do take store bought cards also so if you wish to participate & do not make cards then you can send ones you buy along too. Maybe you have Christmas cards from past years laying around? Just please make sure that you have envelopes to go with the cards & that the glue is still good. We also need Cards written out to them, thanking them for their service......words of Holiday cards to them are also needed. Remember........they aren't going to be spending the holidays with their families & friends.

Also.......Operation: MOM is doing a fundraiser for our Holiday Packages to the Troops. We are having a Spaghetti Feed & are looking for donations to use for raffle prizes. All the proceeds from this event will go for the Holiday Packing. We will also be collecting items to put in the boxes for this packing. You can see what is needed on this Christmas Wish List......thank you in advance for any help you can give us.

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