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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Packing for the Troops

Another packing is over & done with. We sent off about 350 boxes yesterday to our wonderful troops overseas. Alot of the boxes were done on Friday by employees of Mervyn's who donated product & packed the boxes too. So appreciated for sure. I didn't take alot of photo's as we were busy trying to get done as most of us wanted to go to the POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony which was being held later in the morning. We were able to finish packing early so we could lock up & go. Some of us then came back to clean up & take what was leftover back to the storage containers. Diane & Bill both took pix & I will post some of those when I get them.

Sonja & her son, duty Army

The only students who came to this packing....thanks so much girls for all your help. Hope you come next time too.

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