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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look where I went this weekend......

A few of us from Operation: MOM were invited to a tea held by the Alameda Republican Women, Federated but only Diane & I were able to attend. We got there & tried to find the house....address at corner was 1600 block so we knew we had to go 3 blocks to get where we needed to be.....then got to corner & it was a different street. We turned around and the address matched this beauty......we both immediately pulled out our camera's.

When we got inside we were even more amazed by what we is the dining room & the food that was set out.....yummy. We did find out we could take photo's so I of course was off & running.......will post more later tho.

The speaker at this event was Fred LaCosse, who was a local to SF Bay Area as a news anchor, reporter & talk show host among other things. He did a presentation called "Your American Freedoms:Protect them or Lose them" which was totally amazing. Truly something I think should be done in every High School in the land.

This is a picture of Diane, Fred LaCosse & I in the living room of the home.

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