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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Why Do Iraqis Want OUR Water? (JackArmy)

Has anyone ever noticed that we (the Coalition Forces) give away a lot of water? Look at the picture on Pam's Iraq War Today blog. The boy seems to pause and smile while he toodles off with a case of water. Note anything special about the water? Is it crystal-clear, mountain-spring, calorie-free, wrinkle-reducing, age-reversing water with magical properties that attract unicorns and leprechauns? Nope, it's just water. Clean, purified and bottled by Uncle Sam, not Uncle Ahmed.

But, here's the kicker, there's lots of water here! I see it all time. Yeah, yeah, it's a desert, it's the "sandbox" and all that, but there's water here. There are rivers all over the place and where there aren't rivers there are wells. And you can't tell me otherwise for two reasons. First, and most convincing, I've seen it with my own eyes. Granted, I haven't been everywhere in Iraq, but I've been over a good chunk of it and from what I can tell, Anbar is the only place that is really really like the desert that Americans think of: sand and sun. My second proof of water? Uh, the fact that civilization was born here thousands of years ago and people have thrived here ever since. Duh. People need water. People's cattle, sheep, goats, donkey, geese, dogs, cats, chickens and all the other animals that hang around people here need water, too. If there wasn't water, there wouldn't be all these people everywhere. Without all the people, no war. So, to end the war I propose we take all the water and give it to Water Park USA and give Iraqis a $6 dollar off coupon for one visit, limit family of five.

Ok, kidding there.(Read More)

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