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Monday, July 02, 2007

A quick check in

I'm still here....up to my eyeballs in cards. I am putting em all in baggies to get em ready for the packing on Saturday. Got almost 150 baggies done today....and I still have 3 boxes & 2 envelopes to sort out yet. After I get this done I will bag up more to send off to hospitals & a couple of units that I have contacts for. Here are more pictures for your enjoyment.

These kewl cards are from Carolyn....she loves the Cuttlebug embossing folders (so do I). Thank you so much for sending these.

This wonderful batch came from Donna....not her first donation. Thank you for sending cards again Donna!

Another repeat participant is Lizette...I have a soldier to send the princess card to as that is what he calls his daughter......thanks so very much.

Here is what the boxes looked like as I started bagging everything up. Remember I still have 3 flat rate boxes & two manila envelopes to sort up. YAHOO!

I am gonna try to get all of these bagged up by tomorrow. We are sending somewhere between 500 & 550 boxes this time. Will definately post photo's of the packing. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

2Peas Challenge~ With Fourth of July right around the corner. Let's share our plans for holiday.
We are going to have a busy busy day. First we are going to 4th of July Parade which I am looking forward to. Then off to a BBQ at a new friends house. After that we will stop home to feed the dog & then off to the USS Hornet to help out as volunteers.....not really sure what we will be doing yet but the 4th is a fundraiser for them & then have lots going on. Steve is taking Thursday & Friday off which I think he will need to recooperate.

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