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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


First I want to let you all know that I am know officially a Milblogger! I hope that I do not disappoint any new visitors who may come visit because they find my site from a link there. Welcome to any new readers I may have from now on.

I heard from "The Communicator" finally yesterday......he just got another phone. Didn't really get an answer as to why it took so long to replace but at least we have contact again. He wanted to ask about 'the rings'......which I didn't seem to get right away but it seems he's in love......yes, again........and he thought he would have us send him our wedding rings because we told him they would be his someday. Guess he didn't want to wait til we like.....died. Now he is bummed that he will have to buy some. I really don't' make this stuff up......honest.

We headed out to Fremont last night. I wanted to go to Joann's as they had the new DCWV Metallic stack on sale & I have seem some great cards done with it. I also got the snowflake & the textile texture embossing folders from Cuttlebug & a new cutting pad for my Big Shot to get set for making some Holiday cards. Then off to WalMart as Steve needed to pick up a few things & we needed some food for Cocoa. I then got some badly needed new shoes .......

Today I made up 3 packages of cards to go out.....didn't make to the Post Office tho. Steve woke with a bad migraine so he went in late.........but was able to make up the time. Still have not heard from any service members about receiving packages yet.....but I would think they should start arriving at any time. I am still hearing from new card makers all the time. We should have a good supply to go out in September.

Time to go watch some TV with Steve......we have last nites shows yet to view. Jim S.....can you email me so I can send you the photo's please.

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