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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Middle of the week already

It's Wednesday already.....where has the time gone? I sent out 6 packages was actually to our son. We had picked him up an Old Navy shirt so getting that out along with the clipping from my hand getting it's 15 min of fame week before last. Still have a couple more packages to send out & I should be caught up. I am getting some cards made along the way tho I am sticking them in the packages....thank you & encouragement type cards. Need to get a couple of projects done for the packages tomorrow as I will be out tomorrow nite & again on Friday. Want to get these in the mail Friday afternoon.

Talked to "The Communicator" a couple times today.....actually me once & then he talked to his dad this evening. He is putting in for leave next month & wants to bring his girlfriend with him to stay here also. A major dilemma for sure. I really do not think he is ready to get married at this time but if we don't let him stay he will go to a friend of his who we definitely do not like & then we prolly won't see him at all. Not sure why she isn't going to stay with her family as they are basically local too. This parenting thing just doesn't get easier at all does it?

If he is going to try to get leave I'm gonna talk to him about this item I saw on Jack Army about 1,106 soldiers ordered back to recruiting duty. Maybe he can apply for Hometown Recruiting & stay a couple extra weeks. Would be nice for him to earn some extra cash for sure. Hope he will have enough time to put in for it......I think he has to give 2 weeks notice for that maybe. I know he didn't get it done in time for Exodus in December. Will be good to see him but wish it wasn't with so much drama involved.'s late.....gonna head off to bed. Have a good Thursday all.

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Karen said...


I really feel for you having to be in the position of deciding if you let your son and girlfriend stay together. Parenting is tough, even when they are grown up (ish). If there is a moral conflict with them sharing a room, then you will probably do what you always have as Mom ... put ethics and example ahead of his wish. The teaching never stops, does it? If it's more about you not supporting the "marriage track" then express your concerns, but be accomodating, and not opposed to talking about the pitfalls and precautions. Parent even when you can't control.

I really admire your project with the greeting cards! Fantastic idea! FANTASTIC!