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Friday, July 13, 2007

Meet Joan

Here is a note I received yesterday & the picture I took of her on Saturday....bless you all & please keep her son, Maj Roger XXXXXX, in your prayers.

Hi Debbi,
I checked out your blog site - interesting. You are one busy lady.
Please let the women who send the stamped cards know that they are doing a terrific job. My son was deployed to Iraq in Oct. He e-mails me about once or twice a week, which is great. Imagine my surprise when the day before Mother's Day I got a beautiful card from him. It was blank inside and he wrote a special note to me. It is the only card/letter I have received from him, since his deployment. I have saved it. Thank-you, not only from me, but for all the mother's who received cards. He will be Iraq for another Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, but should be home the end of January 08.

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