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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Well I sure hope everyone had as wonderful a 4th of July as we did. The parade was awesome...I will get pictures posted soon. We are holding off getting those pictures developed until after the packing as I'm sure we will have more film to go from then too. Steve took 3 rolls of film yesterday......would have been more but his batteries went out. This was not all at the parade......we also went to a BBQ with a group from Operation: Mom. From there a smaller portion of that group headed out to the USS first time there....yikes those stairs are narrow & steep. Pretty cold in the evening but once got my jacket on everything was A-OK. We ate, danced & enjoyed the company of some great new friends. We even had some Operation: Mom members from IOWA who came too. Fireworks all around the Bay Area tho none real close because Jack London Square had construction going on so felt it would be fire hazard this year. But we got to see alot anyway. End of the evening I used my RA card (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) so that I could take the elevator way I was gonna do those stairs again. Felt good to be back on land once again.

Operation: MOM meeting this even was quite good. We had a woman come who had been at our first meeting last year......she lives in FL in the Winter so hasn't been around since then. Her son is now in Iraq...he is home for R&R right now tho. I asked her if her son was on the mailing list for the care packages & she said yes he had gotten a package a couple months back. Then she tells me "He sent me a Mother's Day card". OMG!! She got some of the cards we have been putting together. I told her about the project & we both hugged. I was so excited I can't even tell you. It's good to hear from our service members who get them but to also hear from......well actually meet someone....who has gotten one of them is really such a great feeling. Thanks again to those who have or will participate in this project.

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