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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I hope you will take some time to read the following posts from a couple of men plus a couple of audio interviews of men who are currently serving OUR COUNTRY in Iraq & hear what they have to say about being there. I would also hope that you will watch the video at the's the least you can do for them for all they do for US. Thank you

Should We Stay Or Should We Go Now... (Desert Flier)
I live in a vacuum. I have Internet access, obviously, but it's slow and mostly unreliable. However, when I do have it, I make a point of scanning today's headlines, the progress (or lack thereof) interpreted by the media, and editorials from a number of sources.What I do offer on a personal level to you is an eyewitness account of what is happening in my little part of this world and this war. Ramadi, although a small portion of Anbar Province by geographical size, is a highly prominent city. What comes and goes through Syria must pass through Ramadi. (READ MORE)

/Rant (Acute Politics)
I got up this morning and went to breakfast. I sat and ate eggs and half of a grapefruit, while the tv news helped Sen. Reid tell me I'm a failure. The surge is not working, the newest current strategy is not working, and the war is lost. I gathered via the internet today that he later stepped back from some of his harsher statements- I don't know for sure whether that is true or not. If so, it only adds to my disgust. I also learned that Congress approved a resolution forcing a troop withdrawal to begin within 120 days, down to a "minimal number" by April 2008. The resolution does not specify what Congress considers a "minimal number", which appears to leave the interpretation up to the President. Good job, Washington! Way to send a message! Is there perhaps a reason that your approval rating is lower than our beleaguered president? Those who are both opposed to the Iraq war and in a position to do something about it, our elected leaders, are too scared to act on their beliefs. That is an insult that cannot even be applied to our enemies- in fact, it applies to them least of all, for they are involved in a mortal struggle over their beliefs. (READ MORE)

Conditions in Iraq now vs. then in this sergeants round robin

Corporal Rhubi Interview

And from BlackFive a totally awesome video.....

And now if you have been moved I would like to direct your attention to this PETITION (I am #330)

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