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Thursday, July 26, 2007


As some of you know I received a Wishblade for this past Christmas. A couple months later Xyron came out with a new model which was fine as it has some bugs that I didn't care to mess with. Then....Microsoft came out with it's new OS, Vista. Well the software for Wishblade was not compatible with Vista & those who purchased new computers patiently waited Xyron to make it all work. It seems they did for the new Wishblade but have no intention of update for the older blue one (which I have). I hope I will not be upgraded my OS to Vista anytime soon but we were not informed that a new model would be coming out when this model was bought in December. Please sign this petition which will be sent on to Xyron ....hopefully they will listen & upgrade for those who need it.

Thank you

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