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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


They are still coming........YAHOO! Don't forget we are needing Halloween & Thanksgiving cards for the next shipping also.
These cards are from Carrie.....we almost thought they were lost but they arrived safe & sound the other day. I think they went on a nice vacation. Thank you so much Carrie.
These cards are from Susan.....I'm not sure how she found me but she sent lots & lots of cards for ALL occasions just about. She is somehow affiliated with the Air Force I know. If you see this please get in touch so I have your email address or a link to your blog if you have one.
More cards from Susan........Thank you so very much.
These cards are from Nylene. She also sent alot of Valentine Cards that had been made by students at BYU in Utah but then they couldnt' find any way to get them to the troops until Nylene found me. I am sending some of them off now in the packages I'm sending out now.....these are all made out TO the troops. Thank you Nylene for finding me!!!

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