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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4th of July message From Secretary & Chief of Staff of THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here is a Fourth of July message from Secretary Wynne and General Moseley. Please distribute this letter as widely as possible.

Thank you, and have a nice holiday
Col Perry Oaks AFMC/CCE

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im Jessica and army fiance. Your blog about this re-enlistment and citizenship ceremony helped me get to some sites to find info before the event actually happened. My fiance was there and afterwards verfied that McCain was there and spoke, so now I know this is where he actually was. I was wondering if you have maybe found some pictures from the ceremony. Ive found two where it shows about all 600 soldiers. If you are able to find any others where you can see names, please let me know! Itd mean so much to see him now. Thank you!