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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Still havent' heard from 'The Communicator' since his Wednesday morning call to tell me his phone had been stolen. Have no idea if he hasn't been able to get it replaced, if he is in the hospital, he's mad at me or what. UGH! Trying to keep busy so I don't stress but it's hard. Maybe in 21 days he will magically be more responsible????

Yesterday morning we headed out over the hill to meet Carrie at Stamper's Warehouse for their annual Flea Market. It was in full swing when I got there. I went in & posted an up to date flyer for the Cards for the Troops project showing what we need & dates needed by. I then headed out to see what treasures I could find. The first thing I grabbed was some trading card protector pockets which I plan on using for my Cuttlebug embossing folders & maybe the Sizzlet dies if I have room left over. I found a couple of Stampin Up sets I thought I might like......I was looking but unable to find Carrie anywhere. Then my cell was Steve looking for me (does this give you an idea how crowded it was). Carrie was at the other end & she had found some Military stamps for me. YAHOO! Finally found her & got what she found.....including some Hedgehog stamps. I looked around some more & then decided to get in line. Well I had put the sets back that I had but I then found "Power Up" Set for $6.....looks brand new! I grabbed that & got in line. I had 8 stamps & the set plus the protectors. Then.....I saw one of the much sought after "Target Document Boxes"!! This is the first time I have seen one. It was blue.......marked $1........and looked perfect so I got it too. Now I can die a happy women. LOL! I have one set of foam stamps that didn't have a home so this will be for them. Did a quick run thru the store where I got a couple of kewl things to make cards for a couple units I know & we left. Took Carrie home & then stopped to get Cocoa some goodies at Three Dog Bakery before going back over the hill & home....briefly.

I called Tom to see if he needed us to pick up anything before we came & he said "Ice". Grabbed what we needed to take & went out the door. Quick run into the store & we arrived at Tom's. It was a very nice day...... was just a small group of us but a good group. Good people, good conversation & great food. Lt. Ballard was honored in a very good way.......he shall never be forgotten.

After the late nite last nite we slept in til about 9:30 am. Watched the news......drank coffee....checked my the paper.....showered & dressed. Then outside to tackle the side of the house which I hadn't done in awhile. It really was a mess out there. Trimmed back the roses & other plants........pulled weeds....cleaned up the leaves & such on the ground....then added some new topsoil. Steve then mowed the lawn & we had the green waste full. There is a lockout for our garbage drivers currently going on here so hopefully the green waste will get picked up this week so we can do more work. It was a productive day tho.

Tonight Steve fixed us some buffalo chicken salads......very good! We then caught up on some TV that was Tivo'd. Finished up the night with Army Wives. That show is so awesome......cable just keeps getting better & better.......wish network tv would take a lesson ya know? So now I'm doing my daily/weekend post & Steve is sketching a bit. Off to bed soon..........Hope everyone has a great week.

If you haven't voted for Melissa yet it isnt' too late......just need to send an other signing up for anything.


Maureen said...

Wow, you sure were productive! And "buffalo chicken salads"... what exactly are they?

Take care,

Shell said...

well I am finally back home - after lots of travelling! I hope in the next few weeks to get some more cards made.