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Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm sure there are some out there who are wondering why I haven't spoken about "The Communicator" formerly known as 'the boy' (he's been Phased UP). Our thought about that is that if we call him such he may just do it! As I reported before he had finally received orders (not actually in hand tho) about his permanent duty station. He was to report to MO. Well when he got his wallet stolen they also got his military ID so he was unable to travel without that. In the time it took to replace the ID it seems that his orders were lost also (not by him). I guess because of that he lost his spot in MO. He had signed up to be assigned to Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) for 1 of 3 locations (Korea which he gets a bonus, Germany & Hawaii)....he would kind of be like "Radar" in MASH......3 guesses where MOM would like him to go. ALOHA! These spots would most likely keep him from deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan for some time to come. Prayer request inserted here! We do not want him going to Germany at this time due to that widow he met online....she's not a good thing in this mother's opinion. Most likely he will be in GA til after the 4th now.

We had a very nice weekend here. Stayed home Friday evening..............talked to "The Communicator" for quite a while which hadn't happened of late......that was very, very nice. Saturday morning we headed out to the local flea market. Steve found a couple of things tho not what he was specifically looking for. I found a new Flamingo to add to my collection......isn't he cute? After that we headed home to clean up as we were invited to dinner with The Balsley's. That was a great evening.....good food, good friends........who could ask for more?

Sunday morning I let Steve sleep in (Cocoa did too). When he woke I gave him his card (made him cry this time).
"The Communicator" called at a respectable time for a change too. I then took Steve to brunch at one of our favorite spots for breakfast, Cafe Vasiliki. Unfortunately our server left a bit to be desired which we have never had happen there....thankfully others picked up her slack. My Spanish Omelet was great as always tho it wasn't as hot at it should have been being she left it sit for about 5 min. Steve had a special for Father's Day......Cajun Crab Cakes done in an Egg Benedict style with a Cajun Hollandaise sauce. He requested & got scrambled eggs as his grandmother made him eat poached eggs way to much & he now can not stand them. From there we stopped at Walgreens to get me some batteries for my 1 get 1 free time (CRV3, CR2 or 123, their brand which are awesome). Then to Home Depot which didn't have what we needed & then to Target were we got this CD he wanted, A Song for My Father, which is exclusive to Target & has songs by the offspring of , among others, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Carlos Santana to name a few. Found a few other goodies & left. After that we stopped at The Balsley's to get something that they want Steve to personalize for Michael......after a bit of a visit we headed home.
BBQ'd some chicken, watched a little TV (ARMY WIVES nite ya know), have I mentioned how much we like this show?, & then to bed. A very good weekend here. Hope everyone had a good one.

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Aunt T said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers for Hawaii :) Love the flamingo!