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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Evening post

Not too much to report today. Trying to get cards sorted so I can get em ready to bag up so they can go off to our troops. Waiting to get a total number of labels they will print off so I know how many boxes we will pack. I have gotten boxes the last couple of days but have been so busy I havent' even opened them yet. Also trying to help get organized for Drop-off Depot's we will be having this weekend so people in the community can make donations to pack up. Called all the local recruiters to get flyers to them & invite em to stop by if they can. Also to come to the packing.

No word today from 'The Communicator'. I'm sure I will hear from him soon as he keeps checking to see if his new debit card has arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I know he must be going crazy without being able to spend money plus I'm sure he has phone bill coming up here soon. I don't want that to not get done or I don't hear from him at all.

Here is a card I was working on to send off but I just didn't feel right about it going to Iraq....even adding the beach ball & coke I guess I will put it away for if "The Communicator" goes to Hawaii! Then maybe I will get some mail from him. LOL!

Heard from recipients of the Father's Day cards too but will post tomorrow....I got another post card to scan in. Nite all.

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Aunt T said...

Adorable card. I will keep my fingers crossed that he gets to Hawaii so that you can send him the card :)