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Friday, June 08, 2007

Starting my day......

Well, 'the boy' woke me this morning with an early phone what else is new huh? I answer & hear that I am going to be a Grandmother........thank goodness I was laying down. He then tells me she is on the phone (3 way call.....not actually there) I must be careful what I say. He's only known her a few weeks so I have lots of questions to ask this time. He is so wanting that many times has he been engaged since he's finished Basic? I've lost count but I do know he has 'loved' at least 3 in the last month or so (and the last 2 are still on his MySpace page). Wants to have the's only ever been his dad & I one else. Steve has a bro & sis....they both have gotten his phone number & addy twice since he's been gone.....he hasn't heard from them. He's never met anyone from my side of the family. He has no family to reach out to. Please pray he doesnt' do something drastic.

Well now on with my day......

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