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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Fun day today. Steve got woken up by 'the boy' to ask how he got his middle name....he told him he didn't remember (we have problems like that when our sleep is interupted) ...."Can you wake Mom up & ask her?". After 27 years Steve knows better than that so he said he would call later. Even his 'Battle' was in the background saying "Dude, don't wake your mother up".Was no call showing on Caller ID when we got home or message on machine. Of course he acted like nothing was wrong from last nite. Well we will see how long it takes to hear from him.....we dont' know if he is leaving tomorrow or what yet.Started off with my monthly trip over to Stampers Warehouse for 2ND Saturday fun. First off we did a make & take of a 2 page layout (ribbon used for tie & in shirt pocket) for Father's Day. Will show you later when I figure out if I have any pictures I can add to it or if it will be for something in the future. Then Terrece had a make a box......ribbons for the lid. Then we made some cards....masculine themed with ribbon going down the side (are you seeing a theme here yet?)....we colored with Twinkling H2O which I had never used before. Turned out nice.....I may even give one to Steve for Father's Day. LOL! I passed on the flip flop project...decorated with my feet can't tolerate them with no arch support. They also had a huge box of cards (samples & such) for me to take for the troops but we had Cocoa with us in the truck so no room for the box.....will go back tomorrow. I did some shopping (you knew that didn't you?), some stamps I've been wanting, paper, ink & ribbon (it WAS ribbon day ya know) and we took off.From there we went over to Pleasanton to Three Dog Bakery to get Cocoa some goodies & show him around. One of the gals had her little Yorkie with her & Cocoa just didn't do well. So we didn't stay long......maybe better next time.After that it was over the hill to Tracy....hadn't visited Youngplay Memories in a few months & they are taking competitors coupons again. I kept going back & forth on the Bind it All ...40% off would have been nice.....but I talked myself out of it as I can use the one at Stampers Warehouse for free if I buy the wires there so that is what I will do. Got more military paper & supplies as they have a better supply than anyone else here. Found a mini album kit & a few other goodies & I was done. All in all it was a productive day I would say.After we got home we relaxed a bit.......then headed out again to Best Buy & bought the new Big & Rich CD, "Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace".....will let you know what we think when we've listened to it. Tried to buy the new Dew mist smoothie at Cold Stone (made with Mountain Dew Sorbet) but even tho I got an emailed coupon they aren't carrying them yet so we got a pineapple, lemon & orange juice one....that was good. Hope you had a great Saturday too!

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