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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well for those of you who followed up on the CBS News coverage on the orphans found in Baghdad you know that I thought that was good news. Hopefully those who have read enough of my blog also know I'm not pleased with my local newspaper. Well Thursday I scanned the paper & saw that they had an article on the orphans but at the time I didn't have the time to read it until later as I was busy with cards all day & then we had to be at the Street Party our town holds during the summer months. So when I got home I was able to read it.....not a good article. It was not in their online version so today I searched for it & found the same article (by AP reporter, Saad Abdul-Kadir) ......Soldiers find neglected children in orphanage . Well today I sat down & sent off an email to the it is below.......will let you know if I get a response back.

Subject: My 2 cents worth.....

Dear Editor:

I have been disappointed yet again by how The Daily Review has chosen to report the news. I saw both of the reports this last week by CBS News on how our soldiers found those orphans who had been so tragically neglected. So I was pleased when I saw that your paper chose to finally report on some good news coming out of Iraq (24 emaciated children found in orpanage, 21 Jun 07). Boy was I wrong. Yet again your paper chose to print an AP article that could only find the bad in it.......basically calling it a "Photo OP"? I never saw any Iraqi Soldiers in the CBS report but I did see OUR SOLDIERS feeding those children, brushing their teeth & holding them....also showing much emotion. I understand that you feel you need to report the news coming out of Iraq but how about you show some balance. We know that our troops are doing good things over there......alot of good things. Why is it you only choose to report on the death & destruction when you could be reporting on the rebuilding of the country that they are a part of?

Maybe more people would chose to do good things if the media didn't only show that the way to get your 15 minutes of fame is to kill more people than the last guy did.

Here is some other news I didn't read in your paper. I found these 4 items in about 15 minutes.....can you imagine how many things someone who is doing their job could find.

Coalition forces seize multiple weapons caches

3-1 Cav. meets with local youth center leaders

Roadside bombers stopped, explosives seized

After many, many years of subscribing to this paper we are now looking into other options as the only real reason we get it now is to receive the weekly ads that come thru the week as the news is no longer relevant. You hardly report on what goes on in Hayward anymore either unless of course it is about some violent act. I hope you will give what I had to say some thought & give the good guys some equal time.

Thank you,


Wanda. said...

WOW Debbi, that was a powerful letter to the newspaper. I hope it does some good and I can't agree with you more on what you wrote to them!

Butterfly Wife said...

you go girl!