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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today is the 1 year anniversary of when the recruiters came & took 'the boy' away. It's a day I know that no one else will remember but me.....even DH thought it was later in the week. I was reading the 360 yahoo blog back from the beginning the other day & wow......what a difference a year makes. 365 days ago I was sobbing in my driveway, shaking my finger at the 2 recruiters who had come to pick up 'the boy' & telling them that they had better bring him back in better shape than he was in at the time or I was suing the lot of em!!! ROFLMAO! Yeah.......wish someone had taken photo's of that. My neighbors were out watching the whole thing....I sure was a sight to see I'm sure.

I would have bet any amount of money at the time he would have been home in less than a way would he make it thru BCT. I am so proud that he proved us wrong. He still has work to do but don't we all? Can't wait to see what this year long as it's not a wife & child.......I think he still needs enough work that he should put that off I'm hoping til his time is over. He can wait 3 years right?

More cards got sorted today. I still have more fronts to make into cards but I think I will get done in time. I do know that more cards are coming. I sure hope I get a total of how many packages we will be sending soon so I can get these cards bagged up. Will have to shoot off an email to our label gal tonite.

Well I'm gonna get back to my cards. If anyone would like to leave a congrats for "The Communicator" formerly known as 'the boy' you can do it in comments & I will forward em along. Have a good evening.

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