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Friday, June 08, 2007


Hello Everyone:

It was very hot today, but a large group of us and the scouts did a clean up of the scouting area. We removed a lot of branches and leaves. These kids put in an honest days work. Lunch was provided and there was plenty of water. The boys played some soccer afterward and everyone got to help put a tent together. I think they are going to do a camping trip here soon (on these grounds in the IZ). They should have fun.

After all was done I pulled out some inflatable balls, beanie babies and of course my back pack full of candy. I feel we all did some good work here today. If anyone knows any scouting groups that would like their units badge sent to them, just let me know or send to me.They have been making a board with these patches. These are a great bunch of kids and I hope they stick with scouting.

My family is returning from Florida this weekend from vacation. I can't wait for my wife to send me some pictures.Thanks again everyone for your support. It's great to be an American.

Thank You,


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