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Monday, June 18, 2007

Might I suggest that everyone do this.....I do.
Local Army Mom Unhappy With Media Coverage About War In Iraq

Here are a couple about the same family......thought it was a great thing the paper did allowing the soldier to do this column too.
Hope and a cell phone: Ironwood mom relies on both with daughters in Iraq

Young soldier helps keep the network running

One of the guys who got some cards from us (packages too) was on the USS Boxer which returned to US soil on May is an article on their homecoming.
Home sweet homecoming: Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group completes nine-month deployment

And I never thought I would ever be reading anything like this let alone sharing it but it sure hits home......I hope you read it. (This is gonna freak out DH & DS more than when I said I was gonna leave "THE PARTY"....seriously!)
What is it about Winning America does not understand?

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Jim S. said...

Gorge S. Patton Jr. General Patton said this about fighting a war;

“If we must fight a war then there is only one way to fight it. You grab your enemy by the collar and kick him in the butt until his nose bleeds. Then you shove an unconditional surrender document in front of him. If he refuses to sign it, you go back to kicking him in the butt until he begs to sign it.”

He also said" You name them, I'll kill them.

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