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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Email from Victor in Iraq from June 7th

Hello Everyone:

I know it has been a while since last I wrote. We have been very busy these last couple of weeks. I have guard duty next week, so I also had to catch up on supply so the OR would have more then enough to get by on during my absence. It amazes me how fast we go through supplies. I am so glad I have made many contingency plans and back-up supply areas. It is really cooking down here. By late August it should peak.It's already in the 110's*. Don't worry ... we have plenty of water. Went to the girl scout cookie sale today and helped out. It was great. We sold so many cookies. People were very generous donating to the scouting organization. I would also like to thank all of you for your continued support. I truly do appreciate all the effort everyone has contributed. I was also able to make each of the girl scouts present a goodie bag. These girls were very good and you could tell they enjoyed themselves. I have tons of pictures and will continue to send more. Tomorrow I am going to help with the scout ground clean-up. It too should be a lot of fun. A lot of the boy and girl scouts will be there. I'm going to try to bring my power tools too; they should come in handy. I also won't forget my soccer ball. If I can sign out a vehicle,I'll try to bring some toys too. Don't worry; I'll get lots of pictures. Thanks again everyone for thinking of us soldiers and helping me out with my projects. Stay safe and take care.

Thank You,

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