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Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am getting so much good news....I love it. You are all definately putting a smile on my face. Some are not linking back to email addy's or blogs tho so I can contact you if you win. Hope you will be checking back to see if you won then. Make sure you post your comments HERE soon.

Also don't forget that Laura at Whirlpool of Imagination is doing the buy a card she will donate a card offer this month so those who aren't cardmakers have another way to participate. Check out her work......very kewl. I wrote up more info here.

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~Deborah~ said...

Hello Debbie, Ima Debbie to! Well Deborah Ann since ive married my Soldier 9 1/2 years ago. Well i know this is a little late to win blog candy. But i just descovered your blog and wanted to post my good news anyway. My GREAT news is My Soldier came home SAFELY to his family in Sept 06 from his second deployment to Iraq. And EVERYDAY he is home we CELEBRATE that GREAT news!! But we Pray for all the Soldier familes that didnt make home "Our Fallen Heros" Let us NEVER Forget!