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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I got a postcard from Iraq!!! My first one. This was a thank you from Desert Flier for the cards & the lawn ornaments we sent them. With all they have to do they still take time out to thank I know some people who could take a lesson here.

A quiet weekend here. 'The boy' did call today & said it is now possible he will be going to Fort Leonard Wood but nothing positive until he passes PT & he is still having problems with is ankle. He is going to see doctor again this week to see if something can be done. Only a few days left of classes & he has completed Capstone (that's why we didn't hear from him last week). Will graduate sometime in May.

I am working on some more Mother's Day Cards to send to 'the boy' to hand out to some of his "Battles".....hopefully that will trigger his memory to send me one. Would be nice but I'm not holding my breath. Asked Steve for external hard drive for Mother's about someone else who lost everything. Seems her husband accidentally reformatted the hard drive. I have lost stuff a couple times & am still bad about backing up so this will be another safeguard.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.....tah

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