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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another way to help with Cards for the Troops

More exciting news. Another wonderful person by the name of Laura O'Shea has made another offer to help out with the Cards for the Troops project. This will allow non-cardmakers an opportunity to help out. She makes cards to sell & has set it up to donate a card to the troops for each card sold. If you do not want to buy a card for yourself she will give a 20% discount for cards purchased to donate. Check out her site, Whirlpool of Imagination, for more information. This will go thru the month of May......hope you can help out.


Desert Flier said...


I just got your care package in the mail the other day. It had the lawn ornaments (thankyou!!!) and some cards to use. Both were perfect.....perfect!!!!!!
Was looking for a way to email you thanks along with the card I sent but couldn't find one.
Hope to hear from you soon....
Gratefully yours,
LT Carl Goforth (Desert Flier)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

thank you for posting this service.
I am an Army mom - my son deploys in 2 months...I hope to make lots of these as soon as my school lets out for the summer.