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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thanks Vanessa

Found a very kewl stamper who is gonna do some cards for the troops, Vanessa (check out her blog).....she's helping me get more donations. Her blog turned me on to Desert Flier, a trauma & critical care nurse who is currently deployed to Iraq. Check out his blog....he's a great writer & gives his personal story of his life in the sandbox. He's only been there a couple of weeks thus far. If you haven't watched the video I posted on February 28th please do so.....the song is really, really good.

If you didn't see the PBS Special, When Parents are Deployed, then you should read this & maybe that will motivate you to make some cards that these parents can send home to their children. Wouldn't it be nice for them to get a special hand made card just for them from the person they miss so much?? Even if you don't make cards I saw boxes of birthday/thank you cards, etc. at Walgreens last nite that could be sent.

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