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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


22 years ago my day started off pretty much like they all do when you are 7+ months pregnant but boy it sure didn't end that way. I was to have a Tupperware Party that evening & was cleaning up our apartment in preparation when I realized that something was wrong. I immediately called Steve at work to have him come home...then called my OB/GYN. Dr. Gary told me to head for the hospital. As I waited for Steve to get home I called the Tupperware lady & a couple of my friends to let them know there would be no party this evening but would keep them informed.

When Steve arrived we headed out & about half way to the hospital I started feeling labor pains. My Dr was waiting for me as I got there & after a while decided to send me on to Alta Bates in Berkeley. He explained that they would be able to stop the labor & if not at least I would deliver where they had a NICU & I would be in the same hospital as the baby....otherwise if I delivered there the baby would have to go to Children's Hospital in Oakland....not good to be separated. So I was gonna go on an ambulance to Berkeley so they could stop the labor & I sent Steve home to get my bag so I had my things as I would prolly be there awhile. My Dr. assured me that all would be well & not to worry. He had never lied to me before.

What a ride! It was rush hour & the freeway was packed as it usually is here at that time of day. The driver got over to the center divide & hauled a** to get me to the hospital. As I was on my back I couldn't see anything but the nurse had white knuckles so maybe that was a good thing. We arrived at Alta Bates & they couldn't find where I was to go so we stopped on each floor while going up on the elevator. Finally I was where they needed me to be.

I was prepped & the Dr. decided to do an ultrasound. I was told I had a Placental abruption & needed to do a c-section immediately. Tried to call Steve but he wasn't home so called a friend & let her know what was going on so she said she would keep trying to call the Apt. The then took me to delivery & put me to sleep. The next thing I remember is Steve talking to me in recovery....he got to the hospital just before the baby was born....letting me know that baby was ok & that we had a son. "The Communicator" was born at 7:26 pm, was 2 lb., 15.6 oz & 16 inches long. I didn't get to see him until the next day & didn't get him home for 7 weeks.

The rest, as they say, is history.

A few days old....

His 1st Birthday.....5th Birthday....
And I've never hosted another Tupperware Party to this day.

PS....he sent this today....him at 22 years old offically!!

You can leave him some birthday love ....he will be checking here later.

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AirmanMom said...

Happy Birthday! May this new year of your life, bring much happiness and safety! Thank you for your service! I will hold you in my prayers!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...