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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mail request for Wounded Marine

I received a request for mail for a young Marine in a burn unit here in the states. I called myself to the nurses station and verified that he's there - they can not release any info but verified he's there and could use some mail. The Marine's name is Matthew and was injured from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. He's 23 years old and suffered multiple fractures of his leg and forearm, lacerations on his face and eye plus burns on his legs from the blast beneath the Humvee he was operating last month. He's currently doing good. He was on his third tour of duty overseas when injured. He's glad to be home and glad to be alive. He was initially treated in Germany before being transferred to the US towards the end of June. The doctors there said he would be able to walk again, but he may be receiving treatment at the Burn Center for about a year. He's in an awful lot of pain...suffered third-degree burns on his skin.

So if you can, take a few minutes and write a short note and send a card to me & I will forward it on. Email me at . I mailed the first batch out on July 29th with next batch going out on August 25th. This will be an ongoing project.

Absolutely no glitter on these Get Well cards please & envelopes must be unsealed.

If you have any other cards (all occasion) for the troops at this time you can send em along now too.

UPDATE ON MATTHEW: I have learned that he has been released from the hospital & is living with his family in guest house on grounds...guess it is like a Fisher House type of setup. Trying to get more information as to how long that he will still be there but not getting called back. I know it will be another month at this point.


Army Mom said...

Your post is heart wrenching. I have a favorite nephew that was just transferred out of Afghanistan. I will e-mail you so I can send a card. Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

My uncle was a marine, my brother is a marine, and I know many of the men and women who fight for our freedoms. Please send my love and appreciation to Matthew.

Christopher's mom said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog today. I am also a scrapper and stamper.
I will work on some cards for Matthew and email you this week.


Totally Army Mom said...

Hey - I just got your message. Thank you so much for sending a card to Ben. I love your ministry!!

If you are interested, I have another great website for you to add to your 'Sites that I recommend' list...

I'll check back at your blogspot again.

Thank you for all you do.