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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Hero's Welcome

We staged with the Patriot Guard Riders at Harley dealership in Oakland where the parents, Peggy & John stopped by on their way to the airport to say hello. KSU (Kickstands Up) was at 1630. Bikes lines up & we followed em on to the airport. We had a very large group to welcome him upon his return from Iraq. Was he ever surprised when he stood at the top of the escalator & saw us all...salutes & cheers. Handshakes & hugs followed. Then we all headed out to line up for the escort our Hero home. 25 bikes & 8 cages escorted his Parents vehicle the 14 miles home. What a ride!! When we got there the Lafayette Flag Brigade had done there best to decorate the place & the East Bay Blue Star Mom's of which Peggy is a member had a wonderful spread set out to feed everyone. It was a great celebration. Welcome Home Matt & Thank you for your Service to our Country!!

Below is a video of Matt being welcomed at the airport....

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