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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Concert Photo's Here!

Concert was absolutely poured all day & we left early to get there as the traffic reports showed everything was a mess. As we got almost to Concord it stopped raining tho we hoped that the patch of blue we saw in the sky was gonna be right over the Pavilion.......IT WAS NOT. But it was fair & we were able to park up close so we were the first to get in & were able to get front & center on the lawn. We had brought a large tarp to lay down so we had an area big enough for our group to sit comfortably with no one able to stand/sit in front of our view.

Jason Michael Carroll was the opening act.....I didn't know much about him but he was really good but only did about 45 min. He went off making me wish he was on longer. Next was Brooks & Dunn!!! If you have never seen Kix & Ronnie live all I can say is "WHY THE HECK NOT???". They are so awesome (how many 'Entertainer of the Year' awards have they won?)tho this show didn't' have the usual blow-up's that they have nor the confetti at the end. We heard that Alan Jackson had said he would not tour with them if they did it. BORING! At the encore they had 4 Marines come on each carrying one item, rifle, helmet & dog tags......a Final Respects Tribute. Everyone in the arena was on their feet & screaming. They are the best. After another short intermission Alan Jackson came on. Tho I do enjoy listening to his music he just can't follow Kix & Ronnie ....just my opinion & I know that everyone will agree with that. He is just mellower than they are & after getting all worked up it was hard to settle down. Anyway........if you'd like to see our photo's here they are.
Brooks & Dunn_Alan Jackson Concert_Oct 2007

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