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Monday, September 24, 2007

POW/MIA Recognition Day Cermony at Lone Tree Cemetary

This was a wonderful ceremony......much more emotional than we expected it to be tho. I have been to ceremony's on Memorial Day in the past which touched on honoring these hero's but I must say this ceremony really affected me. I will be there every year for this ......we must never forget.

Sgt. Michael L. Emerson, from the Castro Valley VFW, Marine 1982-1992 (Desert Storm) was master of ceremonies for this event.

Standing room only in the Mausoleum after plan b had to be used due to the rain.

Members of Operation: MOM were in attendance.

Vietnam Veterans were present & accounted for...... finally getting the praise, recognition & support these deserved 30+ years ago (please lets not do this again now).

VFW Honor Guard Post #9601....also Vietnam Vets.

Sonja, Col. John McPartland (retired) & me

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, CA.

You may see more photo's HERE & HERE TOO.

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