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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is another Sticky....will be here until Sept. 11th, Patriot Day

If you haven’t already watched Our Heroes Next Door, please watch it now…

To honor our brave troops this September 11th, VFW has created a video -
Our Heroes Next Door. The video is meant to remind us that we can never lose sight that our troops are...
... our brothers and sisters
... our sons and daughters
... our friends and neighbors.

They sacrifice so much every day to keep us safe and sound:
... Fathers unable to be there for the birth of a child ...
... Children who don't understand why mommy has to
suddenly “go away” …
... Families torn apart by extended deployments ...

If you have watched the video, please
forward Our Heroes Next Door Video to your family, friends and co-workers to remind them no matter what they think of the war, we need to support and honor the brave men and women that are fighting to keep us safe. And ask them to help spread this important message by forwarding the video...

Our troops need and deserve our support! Please watch Our Heroes Next Door and forward it to as many people as possible by September 11th.Thank you for supporting America’s troops and veterans!

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