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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fight for Victory Tour

At about 4:15 PM (an hour early) Dotty & I arrived at 450 Golden Gate Ave. in San Francisco (in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office) in anticipation of the Move America Forward Chairman Melanie Morgan, Vice Chairman Lt. Col Buzz Paterson, Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns & Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee along with any other surprises there would be. We were early but we met some great Patriots who came from all over the Bay Area to support the troops. Did my heart good. There was quite a problems whatsoever.....and no anti-war protesters came at all. We had 2 local news crews there....KNTV-11 (NBC affiliate) who interviewed one of the Blue Star Mom's from the East Bay.....& KPIX channel 5 (CBS) who interviewed me. Didn't get all in what I had to say but they didn't make me sound like I said something else either so I guess I am pleased. If you would like to take a look at all the photo's I ya go. Debbi's Picassa Web Album



Great post, Debbi!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Move America Forward's Fight for Victory Rally in San Francisco last night was so much fun!!! Melanie, Debbie, Deborah and Buzz inspired us all with their speeches and the patriotic songs Diana Nagy sang were beautiful! Singing God Bless America together in front of Nancy Pelosi's office is something that should happen more often in San Francisco!

Don't miss the Fight for Victory Rally when it comes to your town! Patriots who understand the importance of completing the mission in Iraq need to make our voices heard at this critical time in our history!

Many thanks to for bringing us all together to support the Fight For Victory Tour!

And many thanks to the many patriotic Americans who will take the time to send an e-mail to their Congressperson and Senators to tell them to support our troops and their mission!

Anonymous said...

What a moment it was to stand there with so many others who believe in America. To be part of history, standing on this end of it and knowing we make a difference, that we have the backs of the soldiers who are counting on us to help them in their march to victory. What an experience, I am one, but I can make a difference and someday, when history is written and terrorism goes the way of communism, I will say..."I was there, I was part of history because I helped to make it...I was there..."