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Monday, August 06, 2007


Yesterday fun was had by all.....A few of us from Operation Mom headed out to Fremont to The Saddle Rack for a Truck Show & Free Concert. Diane had entered a truck which was painted in honor of her son Travis who was KIA in Iraq 3 years ago & her son Tyler entered his motorcycle which is also in honor of Travis. She won best paint! Congrats Diane. Here are some photo's of the truck & bike....

She had this shirt (below) made in honor of the day (actually the Waycross concert) .....

There were alot of very kewl trucks......mostly new BIG ones. Here's an assortment of what we saw tho there were lots more.

They a few cars showed up.....of course I had to take some pictures of this beautiful Mustang

Here's a Charger & a Plymouth (I think that's what Steve told me it was).....correct me if I am wrong please.......
This car arrived in the back of one of the's small
As I was roaming around (I was trying to see how many Support The Troops magnets I could find.....sadly not many) when a sticker in the back window caught my eye. It was an "In Memory of" one.......I went & got Diane to see if she recognized the name. When we returned the owner of the truck was back. Turns out he was a Marine who has fulfilled his contract & the "In Memory of" sticker was someone who was in his unit when he was in Iraq. He then showed us the names of the fallen from his unit that he had tattoo'd on his arm.....
Turns out his mother had been in Operation Mom (world gets smaller every day) during his time in the service but they moved so it was harder for her to continue to come. We then took him back to Diane's truck so he could get some photo's & we took pix of his daughter on Tyler's bike....what a cutie.

Towards the end of the show Ted & Ben from Waycross arrived & we got to meet them outside. Took a few photo's of them with Diane's truck & with all of us......they are the sweetest guys. That Southern Hospitality showing thru big time. Ben is from Augusta which is where 'The Communicator' is right now......I showed him his picture & said "if you see him roaming around town & he has a cig in his mouth......take it out & tell him his mother said to stop smoking!" He assured me he would.
(L-R, Steve, Ted, Ben, Debbi, Kathy & Ken)
We then headed inside to get a table & wait for the music to start.

The first band up was called "Whiskey Dawn"

The next band up was "Northern Comfort"........we all bought CD's.

Finally we got the hear "Waycross"! The other bands were very good but we did come to see Ted & Ben sing "19" after all. Well they didn't disappoint us as they sang it as the first song of the night. We were all in tears of's so moving. They continued on with more & ended the show with "19" and dedicated it to Diane........We got some autographed pictures, took more photo's & Ted & Ben autographed Diane's shirt. It really was an awesome day......I recommend you see them if they come to your neck of the woods for sure.

Ted Moxley Ben Stennis

(L-R, Debbi, Ben, Dotty, Ted, Diane & Nancy)
A great time was had by all.......make sure you check out all the MySpace pages that I have linked to & please vote at GAC for Waycross to get "19" on the top 20 (you don't have to register I don't' think.
And if you haven't heard the song "19" or seen the video.......HERE IT IS!

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