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Friday, August 03, 2007


It really was a busy week for me.....sorry I didn't get a chance to post much. Will try to catch up a bit on my wayward activities. Last Thursday Dotty (co-founder of Operation: MOM) & I delivered some food to Alice.....she got out of the hospital & recuperating. She was in alot of pain but she did show up last nite at Operation: MOM's meeting. I can't believe she was able to get up & about so soon. Was great to see her. On Friday I spent the day with our dear Diane to help her learn a few things on her computer. We got her to send photo's in email & uploaded pictures to order prints plus a few other things but we made plans to do again on Tuesday of this week. She did great.

Our weekend was nice......Saturday was pretty quiet. We had planned on going to SF for the day but changed our minds as we didn't really have any solid plans & didn't want to just go over to spend money. That's a first for me. On Sunday we went to the Balsley's to help with enlarging their patio area (concrete work). . Actually Steve did that...I don't do wheelbarrows. I worked with Bev on teaching her how to do a few things on her computer. We also got her learning how to upload photo's to order online. Notes were taken & all went well. We finished up the day & headed on home to watch "Army Wives" & then off to bed. Steve was exhausted but he was planning to take Monday off. Steve went back over on Monday morning & helped remove the forms from the concrete job. He then came home & got our new patio set together. Now that it's up we can get rid of the old one. Maybe we should hang on to it for when we can have some parties. That evening The Balsley's took us to Harry's HofBrau for dinner.......Jim's most favorite dining establishment in the whole world. It was our first time there.....very good too. If there is one in your area I recommend you give it a try.

Tuesday was spent with Diane again.....first we stopped to deliver some gifts for all the lovely ladies at the salon who gave us our pampering. From there we headed to Grocery Outlet to purchase more of the wonderful Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs & that wonderful Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini that they had served us at the Salon.......we both bought 5 bottles of that each. Then back to Diane's home. More computer lessons were to be had but problems arose when I tried to uninstall her expired Norton Anti-Virus. Her ISP comes with it's own online protection but couldn't finish that install until the Norton was gone. Well then they both had a conflict so computer could no longer go out to the Internet. She was so calm......I of course was freaking out that I had broke her computer. Plans were for me to return on Wed to see if I could figure it out. Later that evening we stopped by to help Bev order more photo's online as I had a code for Winkflash for 6¢ that expired that day. She should have all her pictures soon.

Wednesday I started out trying to do system restore & checking Internet options for changes that may have needed to be changed.....nothing helped. I then called her ISP & they said they couldn't help until the Norton was uninstalled then suggested I call Norton for help. After 45 min plus on hold I finally got a tech to talk me thru this uninstall. She had me opening folders all over the computer to delete Norton files. I went down into the bowel of her computer. After I got off the phone I checked to see if I could get out to anything & low & behold Diane's email opened! HALLELUJAH!! I had her check some of her mail for a bit while I jumped up & down for awhile. Then I see her sending an email to someone who's email addy is that of the company who makes Norton! OMG! They prolly could have gotten this taken care of much easier than I did but I'm thinking it's all fixed anyway so that's ok. After she got done with email I figured I better get the ISP online protection installation completed so I sat down to finish up the virus portion when it tells me I have to uninstall Norton first. WHAT??? I was on the phone with them for over an hour working on that earlier. So she will be asking her friend for help as this is beyond me now. After we finished up with that Dotty arrived & the 3 of us went to visit the grandparents of another Fallen Warrior.....this time a Marine. They are here with no other family in the area. We visited with them for awhile & offered our help with anything they needed. They plan on having a Memorial Mass locally in his honor.

Yesterday I did a few things around the house & tried to get caught up with my email & such. Lots more to do for sure. Then last nite we had Operation: MOM meeting which we had planned a surprise party for Bev & Dotty. Was a great evening for sure.....good cake too! I put this picture of Jim here because I told him I would. This is him wearing the butterfly hat I got for Bev's party hat. Cute huh?

Now the weekend is here....hopefully will get some more items off that to do list that is ever growing. Will post some pictures of cards I have received too. Hope ya'll have a great one.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks for the comments on my blog! My mom spells her name the same as you~ It must be fate!! You are a very busy woman according to your blog, where do you find all the time?? Those darn Peas!!