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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have been receiving cards but I finally got a chance to get them out & take some photo's. Spent a good part of this afternoon getting cards & flaps in the envelopes & then snapped some pix. I found a couple of photo's I had taken before but put in the wrong folder that I will share with you to.

Here are some wonderful Halloween & Thanksgiving cards from Mary & her daughter. We could really use alot more of these to send out in this next mailing. Thank you so much Mary.
These great cards came from Zundrea....not her first batch either as she has been with us from the beginning. Thanks so much!
Here are some cards I received from Corie.......this is her first time to send in cards (and did it twice in fact). Check out her blog & you will see some of theme close up & personal. Thank you so much Corie.....hope you will continue to participate.
All these cards came from Mary & were made with her friend Debra. Mary lives in Hong Kong but is in the states visiting for awhile. She saw a link to my blog & decided she wanted to help. I am sure glad she did....Debra too! Thanks to you both.

I also found a couple of pictures I took that I misplaced in my computer.....

These are all the cards I received from the congregation of Willamette Christian Church in West Linn, OR. My friend Destiny organized this project. She asked the congregation to bring in greeting cards during their Sunday Service over a few weeks & they collected 911 cards total. Blessings to you all!

Now for my dilemma......I received these cards & didn't rename the file in my computer. They don't have a hallmark on the back so I don't know who made these kewl cards. Please if anyone out there knows I need you to let me know. Thanks so much.

I will be at our downtown street party tomorrow nite......if you are around stop by & say hello. Don't forget to vote for Waycross at & for Operation Mom at Charity For Charities. Thanks so much!

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