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Sunday, July 01, 2007


We woke up this morning & Steve wanted to go check out Dick Blick art materials store in Oakland......we had never been tho we had definitely seen the catty's. So we got dressed & headed on out....stopped first at Long's to redo our film developing (they had a 99¢ coupon for CD with 1 Hour developing so we could get the film today for $2 more) YEAH. The guy who helped us at Long's is a Navy vet tho I said he looked toooo young to have already done his 4 yrs. He's currently in reserve status but said he will be called up again soon. I told 'The Communicator' that there was no such thing as reserves these days. Anyway....left the film in capable hands & off to Oakland.

Well......the store is definitely nothing like the is small. All I got was a poster of the Statue of Liberty during Restoration & 3 gel pens. YIKES! Decided that being we were out that way we would go to Jack London Square to B&N as Steve is looking for a book on paint lettering. Parked the car & were just in time for some wonderful samples.....oh, the Farmer's Market was going on....of some Zucchini Fritters & another Zucchini dish which were both very good. Then into B&N but found nothing. We roamed around for a bit & decided on Lunch at Tony Roma's. Very good. And next door is Ben & Jerry's so had to have a scoop of Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt. Now to walk it all off. Walked around taking was a beautiful day.

Before we headed home we stopped to pick up the photo's from yesterday & they turned out great but I just realized he didn't do a CD for us with either roll. I just called & if I bring the negatives in they can put on CD.....thank goodness. So Huey photo's will have to wait another day. Have a great Monday everyone.

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