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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Received more cards from Carrie....All Occasion & some great Halloween ones. Look how nice & bright they are! These are going to make someones day a lot cheerier for sure. Thanks Carrie.
These cards arrived from Mary B. all nicely tucked into envelopes & sorted out. They are so nice.....some of them are very good for fall. I hope you will definitely be sending more. I'd love to post your blog/gallery if you will send it along. Thank you again.
Sheri T sent these cards in but I don't know how to reach her .Hope she reads this (she emailed me since I first posted) & lets us know if she has a blog or gallery. I love the nice mix of cards you sent....thanks for the Fall cards........I will definitely be using some of these right away.
And finally from the talented Suzanne S.....she has sent in several packages so far.....I wish you could see these cards in person as they as absolutely amazing. She definitely should be posting somewhere to share her work. Thanks for the help with supplies too.....I was needing more envelopes so this really helped.

I had a few packages of cards that I sent out this week......a couple requested by folks who said some needed mail. So sad that some of these guys & gals are doing so much for us & no one is corresponding with them. And cards of encouragement/thanks will definitely be sent along.

More later......

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Stampernmore said...

Thanks again for doing this. I will put something on my blog about sending you some cards. The penpal idea would be great, because it is sad that people aren't getting correspondence over there.

Happy stamping!